Registration Terms & Conditions


We’re pleased that you’ve decided to join us for the INTER-NOISE 2021 Congress (1-5 August 2021) event for which you are currently registering (the event and all related in person and online meetings, presentations, sessions and intervening breaks, the “Event”). To register for the Event, you must check “I agree to these terms and conditions” below. By doing so, in consideration of being permitted to participate in the Event you hereby (i) accept and agree to these terms and conditions (the “Agreement”) on your own behalf and on behalf of the company you identified during the Event registration process (the “Company”) and (ii) represent to Institute of Noise Control Engineering-USA,11130 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 350, Reston, VA, 20191 USA (“INCE-USA”) that you are duly authorized to agree to and accept the Agreement on behalf of the Company.

1. If you are located in the European Union or European Economic Area (“EEA”), you may also have certain rights under the General Data Protection Regulation or localized versions thereof (“GDPR”). The personal information (“Personal Data”) you provide to register for or in connection with the Event is being collected for the purpose of permitting INCE (or its designees, on behalf of INCE-USA) to facilitate your Event registration and participation, and to contact and bill you in connection with the Event. By clicking below, you consent to such collection and use. You also acknowledge and agree that Personal Data may be retained for 3 years, may be stored or processed outside of the EU and EEA (including in the United States, on servers of INCE-USA or its designees).

2. Photos and Audio/Video Recordings: Please be aware that we or others may take or make photographs, screen shots and/or other audio/video recordings of you, your likeness, your voice, or any information or materials you present at, during or in connection with the Event, including during question and answer periods (collectively, “Recordings”). By clicking below, you agree that we may take, make, use and otherwise make available the Recordings for marketing and promotional purposes and/or future access through podcasts, webinars or other means, including on the INCE-USA site and in INCE-USA publications.

3. Social Media: Subject to Section 4 below, use of social media tools during the Event to discuss and share non-confidential information about your Event experience is welcome. However, in order to keep discussions moving along, we kindly request that you do so in a manner that does not distract from the goals of the Event. All use of social media is subject to Section 4 below.

4. Confidentiality: In order to be able to share as much information with you as possible during the Event, we must ask that all information and materials (regardless of form, and including but not limited to presentations, slides, handouts, the contents of discussions, and other materials) that you receive or to which you otherwise receive access in connection with the Event (“Confidential Information”) be kept confidential. If attendees do not honor this request, we will not be able to keep information flowing during the Event. Accordingly, you hereby agree, individually and on behalf of the Company: (i) that all Confidential Information is for attendees only, (ii) to keep all Confidential Information confidential at all times, and (iii) not to disclose Confidential Information except to attendees of the Event. The confidentiality restrictions above do not apply to information that is or becomes generally publicly available other than due to breach of the Agreement.

5. Ownership. We also remind you that the information and materials provided or presented in connection with the Event, including all INCE-USA materials, may be protected by copyright or other applicable intellectual property rights and are owned by their respective providers or presenters, or licensors thereof. Accordingly, you hereby acknowledge and agree, individually and on behalf of the Company, not to copy, reproduce, record, create derivative works based upon, publish, or distribute any such information or materials, that no right, title or interest therein is granted under this Agreement, and that all rights in such information and materials are reserved.

6. Cancellation: INCE-USA reserves the right to cancel, reschedule or revise the time, place, agenda or presenters of the Event or any session thereof at any time.