20.15 Classic Papers in Noise Control Engineering

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Abstract Title: Overview of J. E. Ffowcs Williams’ 1984 paper on anti-sound

Dazhuang He


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Abstract Title: Overview of Dah-You Maa’s 1987 paper on ‘Microperforated-panel wideband absorbers’

Zhuang Mo


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Abstract Title: Overview of Biot’s 1956 paper on theory of propagation of elastic waves in a fluid-saturated porous solid 1. Low-frequency range.

Guochenhao Song


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Abstract Title: Impact of Partition types on Architecture design studios acoustical environment

Hany Hossam Eldien


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Abstract Title: Overview of Sung, S.H. and Nefske, D.J.’s 1984 paper on A Coupled Structural-Acoustic Finite Element Model for Vehicle Interior Noise Analysis

Srinivasa-Rao Ippili


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Abstract Title: Overview of M. J. Lighthill’s and M. H. A. Newman’s 1952 paper on “On Sound Generated Aerodynamically. 1. General Theory.”

Seth Donkin


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Abstract Title: Overview of Hunt, F. V., Beranek, L. L., and Maa, D. Y.’s 1939 paper on “Analysis of Sound Decay in Rectangular Rooms”

Jared Schmal


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