02.04 Uncertainty and Variability in Vibro-Acoustics

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Abstract Title: Uncertainty in the standardized method “Characterization of the acoustic properties of road surfaces” by CEN TC227 WG5

gijsjan van Blokland


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Abstract Title: Comparison of quadrature and regression based generalized polynomial chaos expansions for structural acoustics

Gage Walters


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Abstract Title: Inferring attenuation band robustness in three-dimensional frame structures

Luiz Henrique Marra da Silva Ribeiro


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Abstract Title: Examination of Cross-Fit Impact Noise Mitigation

Lauren Shapiro


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Abstract Title: Assessment of digital image correlation vibrometry in the presence of thermal flow disturbance

Kenji Homma


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Abstract Title: Welding distortion generated uncertainties in the vibrational behavior of a ladder-like structure

David Sipos


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