17.00 Psychoacoustics, Sound Quality and Product Noise, General

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Abstract Title: Understanding the relationship between onomatopoeic expressions and sound quality for rotary switch operating sounds

Toru Miyairi


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Abstract Title: MOSQITO: an open-source and free toolbox for sound quality metrics in the industry and education

Roberto San Millán-Castillo


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Abstract Title: Ripple density resolution in the presence of an additional rippled pattern

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Abstract Title: Relationship between noise-induced annoyance and age based on data of previous literatures

Ke Ni


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Abstract Title: Differences in perceived loudness between men and women: A cross-cultural comparison among Japanese, Chinese, and Malaysians

Mariko Tsuruta-Hamamura


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Abstract Title: Effects of degree of consonance and temporal pattern of the auditory signals on the auditory impression of warning

Rikako Abe


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Abstract Title: Intelligibility of bone-conducted speech detected on the scalp

Satoshi Nanri


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Abstract Title: Evaluation of recognition performance of guidance direction present-ing by sequential emitting sound in evacuation guidance system

Tetsuya Miyoshi


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Abstract Title: Effects of speed and road condition on annoyance caused by motorcycle noise emission

Omid Ghatreh Samani


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