14.06 Urban Sound Planning

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Abstract Title: Relation between soundscape and spatial configuration in different urban contexts

Giacomo Salvadori


Last Logged in: Jun 3, 2021 08:58 am

Abstract ID: 1834


Abstract Title: An Investigation of Noise Exposure in Chicago Metro Area Communities Based on Median Income and Industrial Land Use Siting

Christopher Kaiser


Last Logged in: Feb 18, 2021 03:56 pm

Abstract ID: 1948


Abstract Title: Further investigation on pockets of quiet within historical city centres: the case of widenings

Massimiliano Masullo


Last Logged in: Jun 15, 2021 01:04 am

Abstract ID: 2296


Abstract Title: Physical and perceptual dimensions of open urban spaces in Biskra, Algeria

Luigi Maffei


Last Logged in: Jun 15, 2021 07:08 am

Abstract ID: 2318


Abstract Title: Road traffic noise disease burden estimates for a model study of varying urban morphology cases

Jens Forssén


Last Logged in: Jun 1, 2021 06:55 am

Abstract ID: 2359


Abstract Title: Research on the Relationship between Perception of Acoustic Environment and Landscape Evaluation in Harbin Central Street

Qingxuan Rui


Last Logged in: May 24, 2021 01:32 pm

Abstract ID: 2669


Abstract Title: Air-cooled chiller screening noise analysis with preliminary building project information

Mark Storm


Last Logged in: May 12, 2021 08:09 pm

Abstract ID: 2939


Abstract Title: An initiation to revive the unique sound of Indonesian cities

Christina Eviutami Mediastika


Last Logged in: May 9, 2021 04:01 pm

Abstract ID: 3261


Abstract Title: Acoustic balance between highway and metro: a case study of Dos Hermanas

Gabriel Piza


Last Logged in: Jun 11, 2021 03:52 pm

Abstract ID: 3553