14.00 Environmental Noise, General

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Abstract Title: Highway Construction Noise effects on Equine Behavior

Ajith Krishna


Last Logged in: Feb 14, 2021 09:35 pm

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Abstract Title: ‘Attack of the Drones’ Exploration of Sound Power Levels Emitted and the Impact Drone’s could have upon Rural Areas, Roxwell, Essex, UK

Josephine Nixon


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Abstract Title: The impact of COVID-19 lockdown on the noise pollution: case study in the city of Skopje

Simona Domazetovska


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Abstract Title: Noise reduction of Parallel barrier integrated with compact flexible panel device

Yat Sze Choy


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Abstract Title: Merging science education, citizen science and general population noise exposure data collection in the battle against noise pollution

Luc Dekoninck


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Abstract Title: The interplay of tourism and noise: A literature review

Lisa-Marie Wadle


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Abstract Title: The uncertainty in the acoustic annoyance evaluatiom

Mário Mateus


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Abstract Title: Noise Control and its relationship with the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Eoin King


Last Logged in: May 31, 2021 07:51 pm

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Abstract Title: Long Term Ambient Sound Level Survey

Henk de Haan


Last Logged in: May 13, 2021 04:29 am

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Abstract Title: Studying the suitability and adaptability of noise mapping methods in the context of the Province of Quebec

Jean-Philippe Migneron


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Abstract Title: Scalable Machine Learning Approach to Classifying Transportation Noise at Two Urban Sites in Greater Boston, Massachusetts

Tiange Wang


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Abstract Title: Assessing the Potential for Noise Complaints due to Backyard Chickens

Charles Moritz


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Abstract Title: Influence of microclimatic elements on sound propagation in Amazonian cities: The case of urban noise in Belem.



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Abstract Title: Noise perception assessment in urban green spaces using soundwalk approach

Omid Ghatreh Samani


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Abstract Title: Acoustic balance between highway and metro: a case study of Dos Hermanas

Gabriel Piza


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