13.15 Acoustic Performance of Operable & Demountable Partitions

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Abstract Title: Noise Reduction Properties Comparisons of Three Operable Wall Systems

Russ Cooper


Last Logged in: Feb 5, 2021 05:05 pm

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Abstract Title: Acoustical Conformance with FGI for Tenant Improvements in Outpatient, Medical Office or Clinic Facility Sound Isolation/Privacy Design

Jack B Evans


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Abstract Title: Does the wall sound different? Variable acoustics in rehearsal rooms using small resonator structures in an acoustic panel.

Björn Knöfel


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Abstract Title: Operable partitions – a life of experiences, observations, and testing plus comments on standards

Noral Stewart


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Abstract Title: Field Measurements of Demountable Partitions

Basel Jurdy


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Abstract Title: Operable walls: where the rubber meets the mullion

Brandon Cudequest


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Abstract Title: Acoustical performance of horizontal-sliding-panel operable partition walls

Jim Borzym


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