13.13 The Future of Building Acoustics Measurement & Modeling

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Abstract Title: Measuring the force due to standard tapping machine and floor impedance for ASTM standards

Sunit Girdhar


Last Logged in: Jun 3, 2021 08:17 pm

Abstract ID: 1644


Abstract Title: Measurement survey using acoustic measurement network and sound environment evaluation system by experience sampling

Kengo Togashi


Last Logged in: Jun 4, 2021 07:43 am

Abstract ID: 2952


Abstract Title: Wave-based room acoustic simulations in the cloud using the discontinuous Galerkin method

Finnur Pind


Last Logged in: Mar 8, 2021 11:15 am

Abstract ID: 3152


Abstract Title: Learning-based estimation of individual absorption profiles from a single room impulse response with known positions of source, sensor and surfaces

Stéphane Dilungana


Last Logged in: Jun 15, 2021 09:28 am

Abstract ID: 3186