13.08 Acoustics in Indoor Spaces

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Abstract Title: Numerical study in sound absorption ability of curtain in random incidence condition

Zenong Cai


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Abstract Title: An explicit time-domain FEM for acoustic simulation in rooms with frequency-dependent impedance boundary: Comparison of performance in 2D simulation with frequency-domain FEM

Takumi Yoshida


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Abstract Title: Digitalizing sound in personal spaces

Ramana Kappagantu


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Abstract Title: Studying acoustical capacity and quality of verbal communication in occupied restaurants

Jared Paine


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Abstract Title: Acoustic analysis of snoring sound from different microphones

li ding


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Abstract Title: The acoustics of a medieval room

Ilaria Lombardi


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Abstract Title: Design and simulation of acoustics for the home theatre

junjuan zhao


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Abstract Title: Room acoustics criteria and measurements of lobbies and atria for various building types

Ted Pyper


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Abstract Title: The effects of different ceiling structures and plan typologies on acoustical conditions of historical mosques



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Abstract Title: Noise and acoustics in complicated rooms with the sound particle method

Thomas Judd


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Abstract Title: Occupant noise exposure in a fitness classroom setting

Madeline Didier


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Abstract Title: Development and application of an integrated virtual thermal-acoustic manikin design used inside an office space

Eusebio Conceição


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Abstract Title: Re-evaluation acoustic quality in lecture halls using G and C50: University of Sharjah Case Study

Hussein Elmehdi


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Abstract Title: An experimental study on acoustical performance of cross rib diffuser

Takumi Yoshida


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Abstract Title: Measurement survey using acoustic measurement network and sound environment evaluation system by experience sampling

Kengo Togashi


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