13.02 Impact and Structure-Borne Noise

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Abstract Title: Impact sound pressure values – Field measurements for different configurations of concrete slabs on the ground

Bernt Mikal Larsen


Last Logged in: Apr 9, 2021 10:29 am

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Abstract Title: Finite-difference time-domain simulation of floor-impact sound excited by one-dimensional contact model and its application to auralization of floor-impact sound

Takumi Asakura


Last Logged in: Feb 25, 2021 10:31 am

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Abstract Title: Impact sound prediction of finite floor structures with the modal transfer matrix method

Jasper Vastiau


Last Logged in: Jun 10, 2021 09:51 am

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Abstract Title: Measuring the force due to standard tapping machine and floor impedance for ASTM standards

Sunit Girdhar


Last Logged in: Jun 3, 2021 08:17 pm

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Abstract Title: Quantifying sound transmission of building structures for optimization in early-stage design

Jonathan Broyles


Last Logged in: Jun 2, 2021 06:05 pm

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Abstract Title: Countermeasures against floor impact sound by heavy impact source of a box floor structure in a reinforced concrete wall construction testing device

Ryuta Tomita


Last Logged in: Jun 1, 2021 10:53 pm

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Abstract Title: Evaluation of floating floors performances using the reception plate method

samantha di loreto


Last Logged in: Jun 8, 2021 07:38 am

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Abstract Title: Simplified parametric modeling to predict vibration attenuation provided by on-grade slabs

Steven Lank


Last Logged in: Jun 5, 2021 03:53 am

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Abstract Title: Effectiveness of neoprene pad vibration isolators at high frequencies

Jerry Lilly


Last Logged in: May 31, 2021 07:10 pm

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Abstract Title: Using Inverse Transient Statistical Energy Analysis to determine the transient power input from a heavy impact on floating floors

Hirakawa Susumu


Last Logged in: Jun 2, 2021 10:46 pm

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Abstract Title: Robust prediction metrics for structure-borne noise in timber buildings

Ola Flodén


Last Logged in: May 17, 2021 06:44 am

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Abstract Title: Thickness-resonance waves in underlays of floating screed

Charlotte Crispin


Last Logged in: May 13, 2021 07:10 pm

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Abstract Title: Effect of ceiling and dry-type double floor on heavy-weight floor impact sound in concrete building and CLT building.

Takashi Yamauchi


Last Logged in: Jun 2, 2021 02:40 am

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Abstract Title: Vibration isolation of weight lifting activities in a fitness center: Part 1 of a case study of a spring isolated concrete platform.

Christopher Ono


Last Logged in: May 17, 2021 05:34 pm

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Abstract Title: Vibration isolation of weight lifting activities in a fitness center: Part 2 of a case study of a spring isolated concrete platform.

Dana Dorsch


Last Logged in: May 14, 2021 10:38 pm

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Abstract Title: Subjective responses between real impact sound and rubber ball im-pact sound

Jeongho Jeong


Last Logged in: Jun 12, 2021 09:16 am

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Abstract Title: Comparison between sound insulation parameters obtained through interrupted noise method ISO 16283 and new method ISO 18233

Tiago Belletti Romero


Last Logged in: May 13, 2021 10:03 pm

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Abstract Title: Effect of different types of ceilings on floor impact sound insulation performance in CLT model building



Last Logged in: Jun 11, 2021 07:50 am

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Abstract Title: Prediction of one-third-octave band sound and vibration levels from heavy-hard impacts

Matthew Golden


Last Logged in: Jun 3, 2021 09:12 pm

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Abstract Title: Evaluating sound insulation of cross laminated timber floors: multilayer configurations in Swedish industry

Nikolaos-Georgios Vardaxis


Last Logged in: Feb 28, 2021 05:24 pm

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Abstract Title: Vibration transmission across fractured beam-to-column junctions of reinforced concrete

Marios Filippoupolitis


Last Logged in: May 31, 2021 04:40 pm

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Abstract Title: Reducing noise in control room at a hospital with dual exhaust fans installed

James Rall


Last Logged in: Feb 28, 2021 05:49 pm

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Abstract Title: Subjective studies on impact sound in times of a pandemic — a comparison between a laboratory study and an online listening test

Markus Mueller-Trapet


Last Logged in: May 28, 2021 01:26 pm

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Abstract Title: Apparent impact sound insulation performance of cross laminated timber floors with floating concrete toppings

Jianhui Zhou


Last Logged in: May 21, 2021 07:12 pm

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Abstract Title: Acoustic performance of laminated wood floors on prefabricated ribbed slabs of prestressed joists and ceramic beam

Willian Magalhães de Lourenço


Last Logged in: Mar 8, 2021 01:47 pm

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