09.08 New Generation Acoustic Materials

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Abstract Title: Acoustic space filling curve metamaterials for grazing flow in Jet engine inlets

Jennifer Glover


Last Logged in: May 11, 2021 01:36 pm

Abstract ID: 1458


Abstract Title: A design framework for absorption and diffusion panels with sustainable materials

Jonathan Dessi-Olive


Last Logged in: Jun 10, 2021 12:38 pm

Abstract ID: 2074


Abstract Title: Diffraction in phase gradient acoustic metagratings: multiple reflection and integer parity design

Chen Shen


Last Logged in: Jun 1, 2021 08:59 pm

Abstract ID: 2320


Abstract Title: Design of Acoustic Cloak Using Generative Modeling and Gradient-Based Optimization

Linwei Zhuo


Last Logged in: May 31, 2021 05:37 pm

Abstract ID: 2431


Abstract Title: Predicting acoustical performance of high surface area particle stacks with a poro-elastic model

Zhuang Mo


Last Logged in: Jun 7, 2021 09:07 pm

Abstract ID: 2437


Abstract Title: Channel-Coupling Fano Resonance for Acoustic Barrier and Sound Manipulation



Last Logged in: May 30, 2021 10:41 pm

Abstract ID: 2986


Abstract Title: Nonlocal acoustic metasurface absorber for ultra-broadband sound absorption

Yifan Zhu


Last Logged in: Jun 3, 2021 09:20 am

Abstract ID: 3086