08.13 Electric, Hybrid and Alternative Powertrains

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Abstract Title: Internal Model Control for Mode Transition of Hybrid Electric Vehicles with Multiple Time Delays

Li Chen


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Abstract Title: Measurement and Analysis of Torque Ripple in Inverter Driven Electric Machines

Mitchell Marks


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Abstract Title: A research on the sound quality evaluation method for the electric powertrain noise

kefei zhu


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Abstract Title: Eccentricity Effects on NVH Performance of Interior Permanent Magnets Machines for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Peng Zhang


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Abstract Title: Application of Blocked Force Methodology in NVH development of Electrical Machines

Keyu Chen


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Abstract Title: Automated Material Parameter Calibration for an Electric Motor Stator

Gil Jun Lee


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Abstract Title: OTPA method-based contribution analysis of components on the vibration of fuel cell in fuel cell vehicles

Zequn Nan


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Abstract Title: Measurement and Assessment on Environmental Noise Impact of Electric Vehicles in Accelerating Condition

Katsuya Yamauchi


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Abstract Title: Design and performance exploration of a cymbal piezoelectric energy harvester under the excitation of power transformer vibration

Xishan Jiang


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