08.08 Tire-Pavement Noise

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Abstract Title: Uncertainty in the standardized method “Characterization of the acoustic properties of road surfaces” by CEN TC227 WG5

gijsjan van Blokland


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Abstract Title: Characteristics and evolution of sound wave in tire acoustic cavity

Xiandong Liu


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Abstract Title: Advanced design of Close-Proximity (CPX) trailer enclosure acoustics on tyre/road noise measurement



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Abstract Title: Temperature influence on tire/road noise measurements: recently collected data and discussion of various issues related to standard testing procedures

Erik Bühlmann


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Abstract Title: Why do clogged porous asphalt pavements give better traffic noise reduction than a dense-graded asphalt pavement?

Ulf Sandberg


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Abstract Title: Comparison of roadwheel and roadway noise generated by a mono-pitch tire tread

Richard Ruhala


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Abstract Title: Artificial Neural Network Model for Road Pavement Classification using Features of Tire-Pavement Noise and Road Surface Images

Seo Il Chang


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