08.07 Transmission and Drivetrain Noise

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Abstract Title: The Analysis and Optimization of the Exhaust Manifold Flow-induced the Interior Abnormal Noise under the Vehicle Acceleration Condition

Jun Zhang


Last Logged in: May 24, 2021 12:14 am

Abstract ID: 1428


Abstract Title: Low excitation spur gears with variable tip diameter

Joshua Götz


Last Logged in: Apr 23, 2021 06:08 am

Abstract ID: 1799


Abstract Title: Vibrational Monitoring of Nested Planetary Geartrain with Unground Pinion

Jianxiong Feng


Last Logged in: May 21, 2021 03:55 pm

Abstract ID: 1852


Abstract Title: A study on the development and application of program for planetary gear design considering planetary gear noise and efficiency

Hyun Ku Lee


Last Logged in: Jun 1, 2021 10:04 pm

Abstract ID: 1860


Abstract Title: Acoustical behavior of loss-optimized involute gears

Sebastian Sepp


Last Logged in: Jun 2, 2021 06:42 am

Abstract ID: 1876


Abstract Title: Vibro-Acoustic Analysis in Automotive Rear Axle System with Hypoid Gear Tooth Profile Modifications

Chia-Ching Lin


Last Logged in: Jun 5, 2021 06:04 am

Abstract ID: 1913


Abstract Title: An experimental methodology to study engine gear rattle problems

Ata Donmez


Last Logged in: May 18, 2021 09:47 pm

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Abstract Title: An analytical model for predicting noise radiated by switch reluctance electric motors



Last Logged in: Jun 8, 2021 04:02 am

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Abstract Title: A dynamic shell model for diagnostics of rotating machinery under periodic excitation

Murat Inalpolat


Last Logged in: May 24, 2021 12:52 pm

Abstract ID: 2605


Abstract Title: A multibody dynamic model for predicting operational load spectra of dual clutch transmissions

Enes Timur Ozdemir


Last Logged in: May 29, 2021 09:48 pm

Abstract ID: 2609