08.04 Tire Structural-Borne & Airborne Noise

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Abstract Title: Trochoidal Curve Representation of Tire Rolling Motion as The Basis of Tire Vibration Analysis

Masao Ishihama


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Abstract Title: Design and simulation of Helmholtz resonator assembly used to attenuate tire acoustic cavity resonance noise

Wei Zhao


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Abstract Title: Structure-borne road noise evaluation by wheel hub vibration using TPA method and extension

Chuanxu Kong


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Abstract Title: Simulation of the frequency split of the fundamental air cavity mode of a loaded and rolling tire by using steady-state transport analysis

Won Hong Choi


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Abstract Title: A study on the effects of compression of the felt on flow resistance and acoustic characteristics

Yoonsang Yang


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Abstract Title: Experimental Observations in Tire Cavity Resonance and Interactions with Periodic Noise Components

Jordan Schimmoeller


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