07.07 Noise and Vibration Inside Sensitive Facilities

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Abstract Title: Realizing a Self-powered Real-time Monitoring System on High-speed Trains

S.K. Lai


Last Logged in: Jun 3, 2021 02:07 am

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Abstract Title: Simplified parametric modeling to predict vibration attenuation provided by on-grade slabs

Steven Lank


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Abstract Title: Ride Comfort Analysis of a Passenger Car Based on Deep Neural Network

sang kwon lee


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Abstract Title: Examination and comparison of site vibrations in terms of both OB/3 velocity and integrated PSD

Hal Amick


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Abstract Title: Cancer research lab, a challenging micro-vibration design

Siddharth Mahajan


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Abstract Title: Selecting and Applying Appropriate Vibration Criteria for High-Sensitive Receivers in Light Rail Projects

Shannon McKenna


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