06.04 Noise Barriers

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Abstract Title: Insertion loss (IL) of finite sound barriers of different contours – An introduction to geometrical solutions in 3-D space

Giora Rosenhouse


Last Logged in: May 10, 2021 06:56 pm

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Abstract Title: Deterioration and Maintenance of Noise Barrier Systems

Sotonye Ikiriko


Last Logged in: Jan 26, 2021 05:02 pm

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Abstract Title: The Performance of a Low Berm in Reducing Traffic Noise

Carrie Janello


Last Logged in: May 13, 2021 08:35 pm

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Abstract Title: Corn plants as temporary acoustic barrier to limit the effects of noise pollution

Gino Iannace


Last Logged in: May 8, 2021 11:15 am

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Abstract Title: Confusion in the evaluation of sound barriers under harmonized standard

Pavel Rubáš


Last Logged in: Apr 6, 2021 06:38 am

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Abstract Title: Noise reduction of Parallel barrier integrated with compact flexible panel device

Yat Sze Choy


Last Logged in: May 14, 2021 08:53 am

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Abstract Title: Consideration of Noise Assessment Methods and Standards in Assessing Advantages of Geometries of Retrofitted Photovoltaic Noise Barriers

Ivan Racic


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