04.02 Signal Identification and Source Separation

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Abstract Title: Multiple sound sources localization, separation and reconstruction by a hybrid microphone array signal processing approach

Guitong Chen


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Abstract Title: Measuring quiet objects in ambient home environments

Jim Weir


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Abstract Title: Speech extraction with RGB-intensity gradient on rolling-shutter video

Tsubasa Yoshizawa


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Abstract Title: We would like to withdraw this abstract

Chuang Shi


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Abstract Title: ConvTasNet-based anomalous noise separation for intelligent noise monitoring

Han Li


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Abstract Title: CNN-based multi-class multi-label classification of sound scenes in the context of wind turbine sound emission measurements

Nils Poschadel


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Abstract Title: A basic study on estimating location of sound source by using distributed acoustic measurement network

Itsuki Ikemi


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Abstract Title: Subjective hearing sensation of process variations at a milling machine. How reliable will chatter marks be detected?

Florian Trautmann


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Abstract Title: An improved voice activity detection method based on spectral features and neural network

Ting Liu


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Abstract Title: Pressure-velocity coupling of a propeller for micro air vehicles at different flow velocities

Luana Georgiana Stoica


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Abstract Title: A real-time music detection method based on convolutional neural network using Mel-spectrogram and spectral flux

Yiya Hao


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