04.01 Acoustic Hologrophy, Beamforming and Array Techniques

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Abstract Title: Multiple sound sources localization, separation and reconstruction by a hybrid microphone array signal processing approach

Guitong Chen


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Abstract Title: Phase calibration method for microphone array based on multiple sound sources

Bo Jiang


Last Logged in: May 25, 2021 05:52 am

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Abstract Title: Noise assessment of taxibotted versus conventional taxiing operations using a phased microphone array

Bieke von den Hoff


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Abstract Title: Sound Field Projection System using Optical See-Through Head Mounted Display

Atsuto Inoue


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Abstract Title: Sub-array equalization technique for the parametric array loudspeaker to reduce nonlinear distortion

Chuang Shi


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Abstract Title: Sound field reconstruction in rooms with deep generative models

Xenofon Karakonstantis


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Abstract Title: Optimization of underdetermined hologram points in reconstructing the vibro-acoustic source field based on ESM

laixu jiang


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Abstract Title: A new technology for locating very low frequency and negative signal-to-noise ratio sound sources

Yazhong Lu


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Abstract Title: MEMS microphone intensity array for cabin noise measurements

Carsten Spehr


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Abstract Title: A basic study on estimating location of sound source by using distributed acoustic measurement network

Itsuki Ikemi


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Abstract Title: Performance evaluation on multi-channel Wiener filter based speech enhancement for unmanned aerial vehicles recordings

Yusuke Hioka


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Abstract Title: Non-linear beamformer with long short-term memory network

Mitsunori Mizumachi


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Abstract Title: Demonstration of a unified approach to beamforming

Christof Puhle


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Abstract Title: Deconvoluting acoustic beamforming maps with a deep neural network

Wagner Goncalves Pinto


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Abstract Title: Sensor placement for sound field reconstruction in enclosures.

Samuel A. Verburg


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