04.00 Signal Processing, Measurements, Sound Reproduction, Diagnostics for Noise and Vibration Engineering, General

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Abstract Title: Research on the Layout Optimization of Acoustic Radiation Power Flow Reinforcement Based on Weight-Guide method

Qiang Li


Last Logged in: May 13, 2021 01:39 am

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Abstract Title: Research on Optimization method of power flow of cylindrical shell stiffener based on BESO

zhihua yan


Last Logged in: Jun 8, 2021 12:53 am

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Abstract Title: Distortion measurements of sound pressure level generated by a pistonphone

Thiago Milhomem


Last Logged in: Jun 7, 2021 01:06 pm

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Abstract Title: A two-zone sound field reproduction based on the region energy control

Bokai Du


Last Logged in: May 17, 2021 01:28 am

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Abstract Title: Deep Learning-based Health Indicator for Better Bearing RUL Prediction

Taewan Kim


Last Logged in: Jun 10, 2021 03:54 am

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Abstract Title: This is a mistake, please delete this abstract.

Takuto Kurosawa


Last Logged in: May 27, 2021 09:38 am

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Abstract Title: Visualization of magnetic field corresponding to acoustic signal and estimation of magnetic source based on symmetry of magnetic field distribution

Takuto Kurosawa


Last Logged in: May 27, 2021 09:38 am

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Abstract Title: Phase calibration method for microphone array based on multiple sound sources

Bo Jiang


Last Logged in: May 25, 2021 05:52 am

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Abstract Title: Sound field reconstruction in rooms with deep generative models

Xenofon Karakonstantis


Last Logged in: May 31, 2021 03:49 pm

Abstract ID: 1864


Abstract Title: Determination of tonal signal parameters based on zero crossing detection

Michal Luczynski


Last Logged in: Jun 14, 2021 02:10 pm

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Abstract Title: Experimental sound power from curved plates using the radiation resistance matrix and a scanning vibrometer

Trent Bates


Last Logged in: May 14, 2021 05:33 am

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Abstract Title: Influence of the Bolt Size on the Source of Damping in Automotive Joints

Shaan Sanjeev


Last Logged in: Jun 2, 2021 10:17 am

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Abstract Title: Novel features for the detection of bearing faults in railway vehicles

Matthias Kreuzer


Last Logged in: Jun 15, 2021 06:08 am

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Abstract Title: MEMS digital microphone and Arduino compatible microcontroller: an embedded system for noise monitoring

Felipe Ramos de Mello


Last Logged in: Jun 8, 2021 04:38 pm

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Abstract Title: Examination and comparison of site vibrations in terms of both OB/3 velocity and integrated PSD

Hal Amick


Last Logged in: Feb 27, 2021 11:05 pm

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Abstract Title: Comparison of Estimation Methods of Room Impulse Responses in Local Region Using Small Number of Microphones

Haruka Matsuhashi


Last Logged in: Jun 18, 2021 03:38 am

Abstract ID: 2757


Abstract Title: Experimental Evaluation of microphone path error in dynamic impulse response measurement with mixed reality.

Yasuaki Watanabe


Last Logged in: Mar 2, 2021 10:23 am

Abstract ID: 2763


Abstract Title: Experimental Evaluation of Room Shape Error in Acoustic Impedance Estimation Using FDTD

Yukiko Okawa


Last Logged in: Jun 16, 2021 02:32 am

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Abstract Title: A study of the effects of structural delamination location on delamination detection using a non-linear chaotic oscillator method

Xuan LI


Last Logged in: Jun 1, 2021 03:51 am

Abstract ID: 2804


Abstract Title: Assessment of delamination location in composite laminates based on a chaotic oscillator method

Xuan LI


Last Logged in: Jun 1, 2021 03:51 am

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Abstract Title: High-frequency acoustic impedance tube based on MEMS microphones

Roman Schlieper


Last Logged in: Jun 15, 2021 08:03 am

Abstract ID: 2810


Abstract Title: Estimation of otoacoustic emission and excitation force of bone conduction actuator by combined lumped parameter model

Akiko Fujise


Last Logged in: Jun 1, 2021 03:52 am

Abstract ID: 2919


Abstract Title: Acoustic impedance estimation by decomposition of early reflections with sparse equivalent sources

Izumi Tsunokuni


Last Logged in: Jun 11, 2021 08:51 am

Abstract ID: 2927


Abstract Title: Traffic noise map prediction by video monitoring

Roberto Esteban Campos Ruiz


Last Logged in: Feb 28, 2021 12:42 am

Abstract ID: 2937


Abstract Title: Sound power and sound energy measurements using an ellipsoidal measurement surface

Edward Zechmann


Last Logged in: Jun 10, 2021 06:31 pm

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Abstract Title: Deconvoluting acoustic beamforming maps with a deep neural network

Wagner Goncalves Pinto


Last Logged in: May 12, 2021 06:05 am

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Abstract Title: Setup Investigation for Measurements of very Quiet Compressors

Paulo Victor Ribeiro Martins


Last Logged in: Jun 8, 2021 06:11 am

Abstract ID: 3090


Abstract Title: Industrial fan vibration signature characterization

Timothy Copeland


Last Logged in: May 18, 2021 09:33 pm

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Abstract Title: Learning-based estimation of individual absorption profiles from a single room impulse response with known positions of source, sensor and surfaces

Stéphane Dilungana


Last Logged in: Jun 15, 2021 09:28 am

Abstract ID: 3186


Abstract Title: Experimental determination of the acoustical effects of face masks on speech effort

Noah Schumaker


Last Logged in: Apr 13, 2021 06:55 pm

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