01.03 Experiments in Flow-Induced Noise & Vibration

Hourly Schedule

Monday, August 2


Abstract Title: Validation setup for the investigation of aeroacoustic and vibroacoustic sound emission of confined turbulent flows

Paul Maurerlehner


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Abstract Title: “The answer is blowin’ in the wind” – case study of a perforated roof screen

Anthony Nash


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Abstract Title: Assessment of digital image correlation vibrometry in the presence of thermal flow disturbance

Kenji Homma


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Abstract Title: Passive control of the flow-induced noise from a rectangular cylinder using porous walls



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Abstract Title: Experimental study on flat plate trailing edge noise reduction

Fan Tong


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Abstract Title: Acoustical analysis of sound generated by synthetic jet actuators

Song Wang


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Abstract Title: Structured porous treatment to reduce target frequencies of aerofoil trailing edge noise

Max Scholz


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