01.01 Fan and Turbomachinery Noise

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Monday, August 2


Abstract Title: Optimization of Low Noise Blade of Small Axial Fan at Low Reynolds Number

Peixun YU


Last Logged in: May 6, 2021 12:22 am

Abstract ID: 1380


Abstract Title: Lighthill’s analogy applied to a automotive turbocharger compressor

Clemens Freidhager


Last Logged in: May 21, 2021 09:04 am

Abstract ID: 1414


Abstract Title: Aeroacoustic simulation of a cross-flow fan using lattice Boltzmann method with a RANS model

Kazuya Kusano


Last Logged in: Jun 2, 2021 12:38 am

Abstract ID: 1578


Abstract Title: Computationally efficient source grid selection and source interpolation in computational aeroacoustics applied to an axial fan.

Andreas Wurzinger


Last Logged in: Jun 14, 2021 06:59 am

Abstract ID: 1666


Abstract Title: Numerical simulations of flow induced noise from a dual rotor cooling fan used in electronic cooling systems

Sahan Wasala


Last Logged in: Jun 14, 2021 04:58 pm

Abstract ID: 1809


Abstract Title: Experimental study of wavy trailing edge serrations on flat rotor blades

sai Manikanta Kaja


Last Logged in: Jun 9, 2021 02:15 pm

Abstract ID: 1970


Abstract Title: Study on the effect of separation and reattachment flow between blades on fan noise

Sho Kosaka


Last Logged in: Jun 9, 2021 01:36 am

Abstract ID: 2142


Abstract Title: An investigation of wind turbine noise in non-uniform inflows

Yuhong Li


Last Logged in: Mar 1, 2021 06:19 am

Abstract ID: 2178


Abstract Title: The effect of front-to-rear rotor spacing on far-field tonal noise of model contra-rotating propfans at take-off

Hanyi Wang


Last Logged in: Apr 22, 2021 12:44 pm

Abstract ID: 2346


Abstract Title: Two-step computational aeroacoustics approach for underhood cooling fan application

Parag Chaudhari


Last Logged in: Jun 15, 2021 06:11 am

Abstract ID: 2467


Abstract Title: Design of axial flow fans for reduced noise and improved efficiency

Erika Quaranta


Last Logged in: Jun 3, 2021 08:15 am

Abstract ID: 2481


Abstract Title: Reduced order model analysis to identify possible aerodynamic noise sources of small axial fan: POD and CNN

Wataru Obayashi


Last Logged in: May 19, 2021 04:50 am

Abstract ID: 2507


Abstract Title: Modeling and simulation of the Chillers sound propagation as a sound source using the CadnaA software

Bruno Fernandes Martins


Last Logged in: May 10, 2021 01:08 pm

Abstract ID: 2627


Abstract Title: Directivity of sound propagation from an commercial supersonic engine inlet

Mitchell Sugar


Last Logged in: Jun 11, 2021 07:05 pm

Abstract ID: 2633


Abstract Title: Numerical and experimental investigation into effects of tip-rake shape of axial-flow fan on its flow and noise performances

Seo Yoon Ryu


Last Logged in: May 31, 2021 02:38 am

Abstract ID: 2667


Abstract Title: Measurement of loudspeaker mechanical impedance by changing the sound load at the throat of loudspeaker

Shichun Huang


Last Logged in: Jun 3, 2021 07:12 am

Abstract ID: 3112


Abstract Title: Effects of moisturized inflow on compressor performance and aerodynamic noise

Changhong Sun


Last Logged in: May 10, 2021 01:42 pm

Abstract ID: 3114


Abstract Title: Industrial fan vibration signature characterization

Timothy Copeland


Last Logged in: May 18, 2021 09:33 pm

Abstract ID: 3181