Programs for Student and YPs

I-INCE Programs for Students and Young Professionals

See below for several exciting programs that are held at each INTER-NOISE congress. Though the Young Professionals (YP) page on I-INCE site includes detailed descriptions, here is a brief outline. All I-INCE programs are open to all young professionals, including those from USA.

Events: I-INCE Young Professionals Activities (from 31 July to 5 August 2021)

Event/Session: Practice of Noise Control School for Students and Young Professionals

(By Invitation Only)

Date: 31 July 2021 (Saturday)

Chairs:  Patricia Davies, Yangfan Liu and Taha Sen

Three events at different times, each with 2 Lectures. Invitees may join all three, if they wish, or just the ones that are time-friendly to them.  Please go to to see local times. In total, there are 6 different presentations focusing on the practice of noise control, given by experienced professionals in the noise control area.  Look out for the invitation email from Taha Sen and Patricia Davies with sign-up instructions.  Sign up early because participation is limited to around 30 people. These will be Zoom meetings and links will be sent close to the Congress.

School Part 1:
Asia/Pacific friendly 10:45am-13:15pm (Tokyo) | 3:45am- 6:15am (Paris) | 9:45pm (Friday)-12:15am (New York)

School Part 2:
 Europe/Africa friendly 5:45pm- 8:15pm (Tokyo) |10:45am-13:15pm (Paris) | 4:45am- 7:15am (New York)

School Part 3:
 Americas friendly 11:45pm- 2:15am (Sunday) (Tokyo) | 4:45pm- 7:15pm (Paris) |10:45am-13:15pm (New York)

Event: Young Professionals Workshop &  I-INCE Young Professionals and Latin American Young Professionals Awards Events

Date: 5 August 2021 (Thursday)

Chairs: Patricia Davies and Taha Sen

Two events at different times, one Europe/Africa and Asia Pacific time-friendly, and one Americas time friendly. At the start there will be a conversation with a panel of I-INCE Leaders focused on noise control in the future (about an hour), and it will be followed by presenting the winners of the I-INCE and LAYP Young Professionals Awards.

Event 1:
Europe/Africa and Asia/Pacific Regions [4-6am (New York)] | 10am-noon (Paris) | 5-7pm (Tokyo). Please go to to see local times.

Invitation only.  

Awards presented by I-INCE Past and Future Presidents: Marion Burgess and Luigi Maffei.

Links to the Zoom meetings will be sent to students and young professionals who sign up for this event closer to the Congress.

Event 2:
Americas 2-4pm (New York) | [ 3-5am Friday (Tokyo) | 8-10pm (Paris) ]

Awards presented by I-INCE President Robert Bernhard

This live event will be part of the Congress e-platform (Cadmium) and thus open to all registrants.

I-INCE Noise Control Practice School for Young Professionals

You should be able to attend at least four case studies presented on successful applications of noise control. Presenters are practitioners of noise control with long histories of working on noise problems. This is a chance to learn about practical application of theory.

Indicate your interest in attending the Practice School when prompted by an email and we will get back to you to tell you whether you we are able to accommodate your request. Preference will be given to students and YP award winners. Schedule and agenda to be announced.

We will organize separate events for different time zones, but you are very welcome to attend the presentations in the other (less friendly for you, but more friendly for others) time zones.  For INTER-NOISE 2020 (Seoul) we did 3 two-lecture events, time friendly to Asia, Europe and the Americas.  We hope to do something similar for INTER-NOISE 2021.

I-INCE Young Professional Workshop and YP Attendance Awards

The goals of the Young Professional Practice School are to provide mentorship via case studies and professional issues presented by world-renowned experts and to hold informal discussions between young professionals and I-INCE leaders and senior noise control engineers. The focus is on non-technical skills and we hope that you gain some perspectives on what is important when you apply for jobs, or start in new jobs, what employers might be looking for, make presentations, etc.

Once the winners of the Young Professionals Grant have been determined, all of the participants are invited to this Workshop to gain valuable contacts and view presentations by noise control professionals. The invitation is also extended to most students who register for the Congress. Again, because the INTER-NOISE 2021 Congress is virtual, we will do this at two different times, one of which that will work for most people. You are welcome to attend both because there will be different speakers in each. Schedule and agenda to be announced.

This will be followed by presentation of YP Attendance Awards. You will be asked to select which of the two sessions you would like your award to be presented. It would be nice, if you are an awardee, to send Dr. Taha Sen (YP Award Coordinator) a picture of you with your certificate (which he will send) on a power point slide with some brief information about yourself and your research. Dr. Sen will be in touch if you are an awardee.

Finally, note that the YP Attendance Award will cover the registration fee for INTER-NOISE 2021 (now virtual) Congress, and the remainder of the award, you will be able to carry over to help you attend INTER-NOISE 2022 in Glasgow.