Wavenumber domain analysis of full-band energy harvesting and damping dissipation characteristics of plate embedded with ABH Array



The Acoustic Black Hole (ABH) structure has been developed as a promising approach for passive vibration attenuation and noise control. The basic theory of ABH effect hinges on the geometry thickness gradual decreasing according to the power law. This feature of structure reduces flexural wave speed, resulting in “trapping” flexural wave into ABH indentation to achieve energy focalizing. In this work, the FE model of a plate embedded with ABH indentation and damp structure is established and excited by a series of harmonic forces respectively. The characteristics of energy distribution in this plate in full frequency band are investigated by the power flow method and wavenumber domain analysis. By transforming the spatial vibratory energy into wavenumber domain, the ABH effect is analyzed and compared with a uniform panel. Meanwhile, the dissipation effect of vibration and sound radiation energy has been studied with addition of damping material. Furthermore, the energy harvesting and dissipation performances of a plate embedded with heterogeneous ABH array are investigated in order to demonstrate the influence of ABH structure parameters and configuration. The research will be beneficial for the vibration energy control in full frequency band.