Vibroacoustic analysis of a thin laminated composite plate with surface-boned piezoelectric patches and subjected to general boundary conditions



In this paper, a semi-analytical model is proposed to deal with the vibroacoustic problems of laminated composite plates with surfaced-boned piezoelectric patches and subjected to general boundary condition using the modified Fourier series method. Based on Kirchhoff plate theory, the dynamic equation of the laminated composite plate is derived using Hamilton’s principle. In order to satisfy general boundary conditions, the displacement solution of the plate is expressed in the form of two-dimensional Fourier series and serval auxiliary functions. The acoustic response of the laminated composite plate due to a harmonic concentrated force is obtained with the Rayleigh integral. Besides, the mass and stiffness contribution of the piezoelectric patch are taken into consideration in the present study. Through enough convergent studies and comparative studies, the convergence, accuracy and universality of the proposed method are validated. The developed semi-analytical model can be used for efficient and accurate analysis and design of laminated composite plates equipped with shunted piezoelectric patches. Finally, the effects of the resistor and inductor shunt damping circuits on the vibration and acoustic response is discussed.