Variance Quantification of Different Additive Manufacturing Processes for Acoustic Meta Materials



Many concepts for acoustic meta materials rely on additive manufacturing techniques. Depending on the production process and material of choice, different levels of precision and repeatability can be achieved. In addition, different materials have different mechanical properties, many of which are frequency dependent and cannot easily be measured directly. In this contribution the authors have designed different resonator elements, which have been manufactured utilizing Fused Filament Fabrication with ABSplus and PLA, as well as PolyJet Fabrication with VeroWhitePlus.
All structures are computed in FEA to obtain the calculated Eigenfrequencies and mode shapes, with the respective literature values for each material. Furthermore, the dynamic behavior of multiple instances of each structure is measured utilizing a 3D-Laser-Scanning Vibrometer under shaker excitation, to obtain the actual Eigenfrequencies and mode shapes. The results are then analyzed in regards to variance between different print instances, and in regards to accordance between measured and calculated results. Based on previous work and this analysis the parameters of the FEA models are updated to improve the result quality.