Validation of the aviation environmental design tool’s noise model using high fidelity weather



To enable sustainable aviation growth, mitigation of environmental effects must be developed in parallel. To further this effort, these effects are modeled using capabilities such as the Aviation Environmental Design Tool (AEDT), a program that is able to model aircraft performance, fuel burn, emissions, and noise. Past and current projects are performed with the intent of improving the accuracy of the models within AEDT to capture various real-world effects. This paper targets the sensitivity of the noise prediction and propagation by varying multiple assumptions within AEDT. To validate the noise capabilities, multiple streams of real-world data will be used to accurately model actual flights to and from SFO airport. This data includes High-Fidelity weather data,?detailed flight performance characteristics from airline flight data records and noise monitoring data obtained from stations around the airport. The results from this study are expected to offer recommendations and help users prioritize and more accurately quantify community noise exposure using AEDT.