Understanding the Effect of Geometric Forms on Indoor Soundscape Assessment: A Case Study in CSO Concert Halls in Ankara, Turkey



The aim of this study is to compare the indoor soundscape in two different concert halls. The study was conducted in CSO (Presidential Symphony Orchestra) Concert Hall, with the proscenium type of stage, and CSO Grand Hall, with the in-the-round type of stage, in Ankara, Turkey. Participants were determined as five females and five males between the ages of 18-24. In order to analyse the effects of different geometric forms on auditory perception, participants were randomly divided into two different groups as CSO Concert Hall and CSO Grand Hall. An online questionnaire containing the visuals of the relevant concert hall and the listening task, generated with the binaural audio recording in the concert halls, was applied to these two different groups. Also, to measure the reverberation times of both concert halls, ODEON software was used. The results showed that the occupants’ perception of the soundscape might change according to the different seating arrangements and geometric forms of the concert hall. However, CSO Grand Hall had a slightly more positive assessment than CSO Concert Hall.