Trial applications at gymnasiums of in-situ sound absorption measurement method by ensemble averaging technique



The authors have been published a series of papers on a measurement method for sound absorption characteristics of materials using ensemble averaging technique, i.e., EA method. The papers’ results included measurement mechanisms, measurement uncertainty, and so on. Herein, to examine adaptability, especially in in-situ conditions, the EA method is applied to measure absorption characteristics of materials installed in two gymnasiums. A glass-wool panel with the dimension of 0.5 m by 0.5 m by 0.05 m and with the density of 32 kg m^-3 was brought around and measured to check the measurement consistency. Several measurements were conducted during badminton plays were undergoing. Measured sound absorption coefficients revealed that most results agree well with those measured in reverberation rooms. Certain improvement is necessary for the specimen brought to the in-situ measurement to keep the consistency. The inconsistency is considered to originate from unstable conditions between the specimen and floor.