TMD Tunable for Railway Groundborne Noise Control



Tuned mass rail dampers are cost effective for the mitigation of the airborne noise and vibration with the ability to be tuned for individual site. TMDs have been developed and installed at a single rail in a curve tunnel and achieve more than 4dB(A) noise reduction in many cases. According to the on-site noise reduction performance during damper installation, half, one, two or three dampers can be installed at each spacing between two baseplates. TMDs with only half-installation provides more than 10dB reduction at vertical pin-pin resonance (~1kHz). With the standard installation, they provide the strong damping to half the corrugation growth rate. The stick-slip phenomena which causes the corrugation will be affected by the damping effect from TMDs. On the other hand, they can also be tuned to the low-frequency (p2 resonance) for grandborne noise control. The high reduction of the grand borne noise proved our claim for effectiveness of the TMDs besides many other studies on the other parameters like the type of the baseplates or the soil types. According to the test results TMDs achieve strong performance in different range of the frequencies.