The interplay of tourism and noise: A literature review



Tourism is an important economic factor for countries, cities and individual beings. However, tourism also has an impact on the environment, e.g. in terms of noise. This does not only constitute a burden for locals but also effects tourists whose goal, among others, commonly is to rest during their holidays. A literature review was conducted covering the last ten years (2011-2021) and will be updated until the conference. The terms or and noise as well as synonyms and related terms were used in the search string. The search results in over 400 documents which were reduced based on their fit to the area of research interest and a practical screening. The overview gained by reviewing the literature indicates the most common noise sources with relation to tourism. Furthermore, several studies were found which analyse the consequences for locals and how they react to and deal with the noise. Some of the studies focused on measures taken on noise reduction like reducing the noise source itself, developing new methods to measure or visualize noise as well as structural measures. Based on this review, future research areas were identified.