Statistical assessment of A-weighted sound power level for printer with electrophotographic engine



Statistical distribution and statistical upper limit (the value which 93.5 % of the batch of new equipment are expected to lie) of A-weighted sound power level for one office printer were experimentally estimated from 10 new samples picked up from market. The printer is capable of A4-size printing with electrophotographic engine which corresponds Annex C.16 Page printers in ECMA?74 17th (2019). A-weighted sound power level for continuous printing mode was determined in accordance with noise test code for ITTE (Information Technology and Telecommunications Equipment such as printers and personal computers), ISO 7779:2018 and ECMA-74 Annex C. Sample standard distribution of production of overall A-weighted sound power level (determined from 100-10000 Hz one-third-octave band) is 0.25 dB, whereas individual one-third-octave band has larger distribution. The value obtained is better than reference distribution 1.32 dB set in ISO 9296:2017 which states estimation of statistical upper limit value of the batch of equipment for ITTE.