Soundproof Window – Natural Ventilation



Expansion of brasilians cities worsen noise pollution in these places, forcing people to maintain their doors and windows closed. Domestic environment enclosing lead to necessity of air conditioning system, however the frequent use of the equipment may cause many health problems, such as respiratory difficulties and spread of diseases , not to mention high costs with energy. Considering these facts, there is the need of soundproofing windows with air supply , that allows passage of air without noise passage, guarantee a well-ventilated environment, with thermic and acoustic comfort without the use of acclimatisation systems . we have developed two prototypes with significant opening that allows air supply (passage) (0,35m2) and noise reduction (Rw+Ctr) reaching 8 to 10 dB. In the first study, we considered people inhabiting really noisy surrounding areas, who has already installed a regular window. In this particular case, we developed a soundproofing window air supply that can be installed over the existing one. A second study considered new constructions to focus the environment where the person sleeps and then elaborate a soundproofing window air supply for bedrooms.
Keywors: soundproofing windows, air supply, sound insulation. noise pollution