Sound absorption based on Micro-perforated panels and Acoustic Black Hole principle



Acoustic black holes (ABHs) have been so far investigated mainly for bending wave ma-nipulation in mechanical structures such as beams or plates. The investigations on ABHs for sound wave manipulation, referred to as Sonic black holes (SBHs) are scarce. Existing SBH structure for sound reduction in air is typically formed by putting a set of rings inside a duct wall with decreasing inner radius according to a power law. As such, the structure is very complex and difficult to be practically realized, which hampers the practical application of SBHs for sound reduction. This study explores the possibilities of achieving SBH effects using other types of structural configurations. In particular, micro-perforated panels are proposed to be introduced into the conventional SBH structure, and the simulation results show that the new formed SBH structure is simpler in configuration in terms of number of rings and more efficient in terms of sound energy trapping and dissipation.