Simulation of LMS based adaptive noise cancellation using Labview



The audio signals processed in the signal measurement systems are inevitably susceptible to unwanted noise which significantly affects the quality of the signal and the overall performance of the signal communication systems. Due to its’ random and unpredictable nature, the amount of noise in signals has proven to be a significant issue in designing these systems and recently has been a trending research topic. In this regard, the active noise cancellation method has proven to be an effective technique for eliminating the noise effects on signal processing. The concept of active noise cancellation is based on the application of adaptive filters and algorithms proposed to reduce the signal corruption and distortion caused by the noise due to the principle of destructive interference. In this paper a simulation model of active noise reduction technique using the LMS (Least Mean Square) algorithm in Labview is presented. The purpose of the work is to investigate the noise cancellation effect on a recorded audio file in terms of analyzing the audio file before and after filtering out the noise by using the LMS algorithm and discuss the results thereof.