Route survey research of US military aircraft at Futenma Air Base and Kadena Air Base in Okinawa Prefecture



Currently, about 186.09 km2 of US military bases are located in Okinawa Prefecture, accounting for about 10.4% of the prefecture’s land area, and about 70% of US military bases nationwide are concentrated. Many of the US military bases are located in or near urban areas, and have an impact on the city planning of related municipalities. Among them, the aircraft noise problem is serious, and noise exceeding 100 dB (value observed in the residential area at the measurement point) such as takeoff and landing noise and engine adjustment noise is generated on a daily basis, which greatly deteriorates the living environment of the local residents. It is a factor. In response to this, the national government has taken measures such as soundproofing work.

In this study, the subjects were Kadena Air Base and Futenma Air Base, and continuous measurements were made around the bases to investigate the surrounding sound environment.