Road traffic noise mapping based on aerial photographs – sound power level determination of road vehicles



As the first step to obtain a city urban area noise map of road traffic noise, sound power levels of vehicles on the roads should be accurately estimated over a wide area. In Japan, ASJ RTN-Model 2018 was proposed as the representative road traffic noise prediction model, and by using the model sound power level of a vehicle can be determined if the vehicle type, traveling speed, and driving mode are known. As such data on urban road network, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport of Japan publishes the road traffic census including road traffic volume and travel speed of major roads in Japan. The data, however, is limited to major roads and there is no data on minor roads. In this study, to estimate noise condition and situation on arbitrary road, a method for estimating the traveling speed and the traffic volume of vehicles on the road from aerial photographs was examined. Road traffic noise levels along several roads in Tokyo were analyzed by the proposed method and the validity of the calculation results were verified by comparing with short-time measurement results obtained along the target roads.