Relationships between soundscape and landscape evaluation at a historical block in the Central Street in Harbin of China



Historical blocks are important material and cultural heritages in the city, and the inheritance of urban culture is affected by its acoustic environment. This article selects Central Street as the research object to study the relationship between its acoustic environment perception and landscape evaluation. The method of field investigation combined with questionnaire survey was adopted. The results show that the pleasure and richness of the soundscape have a positive impact on the satisfaction of the landscape. Under a certain sound intensity, music and broadcast sounds can increase the pleasure of the soundscape, but at excessively high sound intensity, it reduces the pleasure of the soundscape; traffic sounds and construction sounds have a negative impact on the pleasure of the soundscape . At the same time, the elderly have a higher evaluation of the soundscape and landscape perception. This research can be used in the soundscape construction of historic districts and provide a certain reference value for the subsequent renovation and reconstruction of historic districts and improving their integrity.