Relationship between noise-induced annoyance and age based on data of previous literatures



Many studies have investigated subjective responses to noise, but few concerned about the influence of age on the annoyance (discomfort) caused by noise. It is difficult to get a quantitative model featuring the relationship between noise-induced annoyance and age from one or several laboratory studies due to relatively small samples and limited age groups. This paper investigated recent studies (published after the year 2000) on noise-induced annoyance by the literature review method. We classified the studies according to their employed noise types and summarized the quantified subjective values and the ranges of age. The quantitative values of annoyance obtained from variable rating scales were transferred to a uniform scale and normalized. A probability density function then figured out the corresponding annoyance of a certain age under the small sample -distribution assumption. A predicting model of noise-induced annoyance from the age of 7–55 was proposed, which fitted previous data well.