Power generator noise evaluation considering conversation audibility and improvement



Compact power generators are useful and convenient tools all over the world. The products are mainly set at around living space of human. Hence, the radiated noise should not disturb the human activities such as conversation. In this study, we then focused on the ease of conversation as the power generator noise performance and attempted to improve the performance. We firstly carried out subjective evaluate tests using recorded generator noise samples and reproduced Japanese syllables to evaluate the performance quantitatively from sound pressure of power generator noise. In the test, the participants answered the syllable they heard under the reproduced generator noise condition. And the correct answer rate of the presented syllable was calculated in each generator noise. The correct answer rate could be expressed well by using articulation index (AI) of each generator noise. Subsequently, the noise reduction target level of a portable generator satisfying the rate at 80% was set in each frequency band considering the influence of each frequency band on AI. Noise countermeasure was carried out to intake and exhaust parts having large contribution at the reduction target frequency bands. Finally, the noise could be decreased well and the AI cleared the target level.