Perception of the Home Environment. The 2019 Study



RIVM conducted a questionnaire study into residents’ perception of the living environment. This includes monitoring data on residents perception of sounds, vibrations, odours, and safety risks in the neighbourhood. In 2019, 2259 residents of the Netherlands aged 16 years and older participated in this survey. The 2019 data show that the degree of satisfaction with the home environment was fairly high and the same as it was during the previous survey in 2016. Road traffic is an important source of severe annoyance (10.4%) and severe sleep disturbance (5,9%). Mopeds and motorbikes in particular cause severe noise annoyance (10.6%). Compared to 2016, more people experience severe annoyance from the sound of vans. Road traffic also causes nuisance due to the vibrations that it causes (3.9%). Neighbours are a source of noise annoyance (9.0%) and the most important source of severe odour annoyance. The latter primarily involves odours from fireplaces (5.3%), fire pits, and barbecues (5.0%). Activities by neighbours also cause severe annoyance due to vibrations. It also turns out that people living in the vicinity of a ‘higher-risk activity’, such as heavy industry, are more frequently (severely) concerned about their own safety. Results of the 2020 Study will presented as well.