Non-invasive Fetal heartbeat detection using vibration sensing system



Monitoring the fetal heartbeat is essential for obtaining information about fetal condition during pregnancy. By measuring the maternal uterine contractions, the movement of the fetus, and the fetal heart rate, the state of the fetus is detected and taking appropriate measures prevent fetal health abnormality. The NST method is used to obtain the fetal heart rate. The ECG method is useful to observe heart rhythm. In this study, a system that can detect fetal heartbeat signals using vibration sensors is proposed. For vibration measurement, a band-type device with a sensor was proposed. The band was wrapped around the mother’s stomach to sensing signals generated by the mother’s body. In order to extract the fetal heartbeat signal, appropriate signal processing for denoising is performed. Processed signal was divided into several IMFs using the CEEMD method. The maternal heartbeat signal and fetal heartbeat signal were separated from the IMF. Through frequency analysis, the characteristics of each signal make clear