Noise prediction for urban air taxi operation



Solutions to escape crowded streets are increasingly taking up new forms of mobility. This also includes air taxis or VTOLs. In addition to passenger traffic, suggestions, such as parcel delivery by drones, are also regularly part of future visions. Air taxis pose additional safety requirements due to the transport of people and they also represent a major potential source of noise. A challenge that urban planners, pollution control officers and decision-makers have to face. Using the concrete example of an urban landing place for air taxis at the main train station in the city of Ingolstadt, possible problems, issues related to noise protection and their legal basis were examined. This presentation is a summary of the projects results. The examinations include the creation of noise mapping in order to simulate the impact to the already existing noise situation. Those were based on current flight noise regulations with necessary alterations regarding VTOLs. Because air taxi noise is expected to be more annoying than regular traffic noise, the possible application of flight noise indexes such as the “Frankfurt flight noise index FFI 2.0” shall be reviewed. Based on the results of the previous examinations, possible noise protection measures shall be developed.