NEMO project: acoustic detection of vehicle engine speed



As part of the EU Horizon2020 project NEMO, SINTEF has developed an algorithm to detect the engine speed of passing vehicles. Some road vehicles can emit abnormal high noise levels or high levels of exhaust gases in urban conditions. The high noise level can be related to aggressive driving (high acceleration and high engine speed), to a modified or malfunctioning exhaust system, or to other vehicle defects. It is well-known that many motorcycles or mopeds often are equipped with non-original exhaust mufflers, giving high noise levels that can be a nuisance to the community. In the NEMO project, the detecting of so-called high emitters (HE) is essential to reduce the impact of such vehicles on the environment and public health. To enable to categorize HE vehicle based on the driving behaviour, it is necessary to detect both acceleration and corresponding engine speed. The paper describes the principle of the algorithm developed and results from testing on vehicles, including a motorcycle. This test shows that it is feasible to estimate the engine speed, also when the vehicle is accelerating, if the number of cylinders is available for the estimation. Further testing of the algorithm is planned within the NEMO project.