Metamaterial plate with an arrangement of different resonators



Local resonant metamaterials have been widely studied for vibration suppression in the last 20 years. They produce band gaps, which are frequency regions where the wave is not allowed to propagate. They are an alternative to reduce vibration levels at lower frequencies when compared to phononic crystals, which require larger periodic cells to create band gaps at lower frequencies. The most common configuration for a local resonant metamaterial is a periodic cell of a known structure with one attached resonator. In this study, a plate with a periodic cell using two different resonators is analyzed. Some configurations of mass and stiffness for the two resonators will be discussed to pursue the best compromise between a wider band gap and a more considerable vibration attenuation. The dispersion relation for the proposed metamaterial unit cell will be calculated using the Wave Finite Element Method to evaluate these configurations. The frequency response function for a finite structure with the proposed arrangement will also be calculated using the Finite Element Method to compare the results.