MEMS microphone intensity array for cabin noise measurements



Aircraft cabin noise measurements in flight are used toto quantify the noise level, and to identify the entry point of acoustic energy into the cabin. Sound intensity probes are the state-of-the-art measurement technique for this task. During measurements, additional sound absorbing material is used to ease the rather harsh acoustic measurement environment inside the cabin.

In order to decrease the expensive in-flight measurement time, an intensity array approach was chosen. This intensity probe consists of 512 MEMS-Microphones. Depending on the frequency, these microphones can be combined as an array of hundreds of 3D- intensity probes. The acoustic velocity is estimated using a high order 3D finite difference stencil.   At  low frequencies, a larger spacing is used to reduce the requirement of accurate phase match of the microphone sensors.

Measurements were conducted in the ground-based Dornier 728 cabin noise simulation as well as in-flight.