Measurement survey using acoustic measurement network and sound environment evaluation system by experience sampling



The use of open-plan offices is increasing as they are effective in improving intellectual productivity by fostering a communication among workers. Previous research on the relationship between the indoor sound environment and intellectual productivity has mostly reported the impact of the sound environment on the tasks that individuals work on. However, there has been no research on the impact of sound environment on office spaces where multiple workers are actually working. In this study, we developed a system that can analyze the individual characteristics of workers in relation to the sound environment by simultaneously measuring their evaluation to the sound environment and the sound environment of the office. The system collected workers’ evaluation of their impressions to the sound environment through a regular questionnaire using the experience sampling method. At the same time, it measured the sound environment of the office with multiple small measurement devices. The obtained sound environment evaluation data and the acoustic data of the office were stored in a single database. Finally, this system was run in a working environment to evaluate the sound environment on a trial basis.