Measurement of loudspeaker mechanical impedance by changing the sound load at the throat of loudspeaker



A loudspeaker is a device that converts electrical energy into acoustic energy by coupling between electrical impedance, mechanical impedance, and radiation impedance. The loudspeaker electro-mechanical-acoustic coupling model provides the experimental feasibility to measure the characteristic parameters. In this paper, an economical and practical measurement method of loudspeaker mechanical impedance is proposed. First, the mathematical relationship between loudspeaker electrical impedance and mechanical impedance is obtained based on the loudspeaker electro-mechanical-acoustic coupling model. Second, two electrical impedances with different known radiation impedance are measured by using a developed measurement system. Finally, the real and imaginary parts of the mechanical impedance are obtained according to the mathematical relationship. This method neither assumes that the loudspeaker mechanical impedance is constant in a frequency band nor does it build FEM models based on structural parameters. A loudspeaker is measured by using a developed measurement system. The result shows that the mechanical impedance and the force factor are functions of frequency. Moreover, a radiation impedance measurement is performed to verify the feasibility and accuracy of the proposed method.