Insertion loss (IL) of finite sound barriers of different contours – An introduction to geometrical solutions in 3-D space



The design of finite sound barriers noise sources and control points requires calculations beyond those that are used when the Maekawa formula is applied, since the problem involves polygon sd barriers located in various possible orientations in 3D space. We present here some means that are linked to basic mathematical geometrical tools. Those means are relatively simple, as compared to the physical formulation of the relevant diffraction solutions for sound barriers (e.g. Rosenhouse, 2019, 2020). Such calculations can apply algebraic, trigonometric or vector analysis and their combinations to define the geometries of barrier IL. This approach includes the location of the sources and control points, which are essential as data for finding IL and other issues of environmental acoustics. We will show solutions including results of IL for a common rectangular barrier, as compared to IL of a barrier with a sloped top and side, among other possibilities.