Influence of soundscape on emotional arousal in monumental open spaces in China



As a type of landscape with special cultural connotation and symbolic significance, commemorative places carry people’s emotional sustenance for the memorial subject. Based on the special cultural and spiritual connotation of commemorative landscape, it is different from other landscape types in terms of soundscape perception. This paper takes Nanjing Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum and the square in front of Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery as examples to conduct a comparative study. Through field questionnaire surveys, data such as basic information, environmental evaluation, and emotional arousal evaluation of subjects are obtained. The results show that (1) the matching degree of the audiovisual landscape affects the acoustic environment satisfaction and environmental satisfaction, and shows a positive correlation. (2) The sound environment evaluation such as the sense of ritual and solemnity is positively correlated with the satisfaction of the soundscape. (3) The degree of arousal of voice and emotion is positively correlated with the sense of ritual, solemnity, mission, responsibility, admiration, and meaning. Researching the soundscape perception of commemorative places from the perspective of emotional arousal will help build a soundscape environment with a more memorable atmosphere, arouse individual emotions, and achieve better memorial and educational significance, so as to expand the related research of soundscape.